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The preacher for this Sunday, July 20 , will be the

Rev. Michael Burke

Children's Chat

children's chat

While church is a great place for children to learn about faith, in truth a child's relationship with God will be most strongly impacted by their experiences at home. Here is a neat idea to make prayer more accessible to little ones from Home Grown Faith by David & Kathy Lynn. "Fifty Nifty Idea #9

Prayer doesn't have to be intimidating. Many times we think that to pray we must mimic prayers we have heard from ministers at church or on television. This can put some people off, especially children, who think that they will never measure up to these prayer standards.
But, 'Arrow Prayers' can be fun! These short, simple prayers challenge your family members to 'shoot' prayers to God. Plus 'Arrow Prayers' don't have to be prayed at a specific time or even out loud. If you see a need or want to express thanks to God or just send up a word of praise, shoot an 'Arrow Prayer!'

Ask your family members to think of something they would like to say to God. It could be a prayer request, a praise, or a thank you. Then tell them to put that prayer in a sentence such as, 'Please help me with my test,' 'Thank you for my new job,' or 'Heal my grandpa please.'

Once your family members have thought of one or two 'Arrow Prayers,' you can shoot them up to God together. Encourage your family to pray these prayers throughout their day."
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2014 Vestry:

Outreach -Susannah Olnes

Adult Education - Ann Lovejoy

Pastoral Care - Kris Green

Youth Ministry - Hannah Moderow

Worship I- Ann Spohnholz

Worship II - Megan Baldino

Community Building- Val Baffone

Children's Ministry- Teresa Neeno

Early Childhood - William Theuer

Stewardship- Mike Hamm

Junior Warden - Bob Bradley

Senior Warden- Ron Pollock

Meier Lake Board of Directors - Liz Rockwell

Playschool Admin Council-

Caitlin Elam

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